Sweet As The Moment When The Merill Went "Pop" - Sparrow In The Tree Top

a nice ice hockey taining

Posted Sept. 14, 2011, 10:43 a.m. By merill

The first two steps on the ice were shaky but then my son skated away like he does it every day. I was lucky to see that he was not the only one who was shaky after a long summer without skating on ice. His team is a group of 20 boys and some girls. It was busy on the ice and all the kids were skating mixed up. At the time the teachers arrived that had their feeling with skating on ice back and the training began. It is nice to see that the entire trainers are so nice and take their time with the kids. I was sitting upstairs with my other son to do some homework. It was nice and warm upstairs. The next time I must have warm shoes when I stay next to the ice.